Wood Floor Refinishing Cost
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How Much Does Hardwood Refinishing Cost?

On average, hardwood refinishing costs about $1,669. Hardwood floor refinishing costs ranged from $1,072 to $2,386 in the US for 2019 according to HomeAdvisor.

The reason for this cost is due to a 4 step process starting with buffing the floor, removing the coating and sanding down the wood, then applying a stain to the hardwood flooring, and finally sealing the floor itself.

Hardwood Refinishing Procedure

1) Buffing the hardwood floor

This is the step when you should thoroughly evaluate the floor to see if it is a good candidate to be refinished, the reason for this is that if a hardwood floor has been sanded down several times before it may be too thin to be refinished. If the floor is not too thin it will begin with buffing the floor to make it easier to begin removing the floor coating.

2) Remove coating and sanding

During this step is where we remove the finishing coating of the wood flooring and finally begin sanding the wood.

3) Applying stain to wood flooring

Here a stain is applied to the wood and depending on the customer’s preference a stain may need to be applied several times to get the correct color.

4) Sealing the floor

While polyurethane is the most common finish applied but there are options for water or oil-based sealants or acid-cured. A water-based sealant will finish faster, provide a clear seal for the floor, and cost  38% more than a polyurethane per gallon. Oil-based polyurethane finishes take roughly 24 hours to dry and mistakes can easily be fixed since it can be applied when still wet.

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