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If you are searching for “wood floor cleaning” or “hardwood floor cleaningnear me in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe or anywhere else, Superior Plus AZ can help! Superior Plus is a Hardwood floor cleaning company offering free floor cleaning estimates by calling 480-835-6526.

Superior Plus AZ has been delivering the highest quality wood floor cleaning to residents of Arizona for decades. Our experience in cleaning and maintaining hardwood flooring means we catch and repair all the damage, marks, and scratches in your flooring.

Residential & Commercial Wood Floor Cleaning & Polishing Services

Many residents of Arizona have wood flooring but don’t know how to care for it. If you aren’t 100% sure how to best care for your wood flooring protect your home’s condition and value by hiring experts who know the best methods and products to use.  We clean both laminate wood flooring and hardwood flooring and provide exceptional cleaning and polishing no matter what flooring you have.  Your flooring is a big investment in your home and we strive to clean it properly to preserve the appearance and extend the lifespan of your floors.

Deep Cleaning Hardwood Floors

Deep hardwood floor cleaning ensures that all the details are handled and the flooring is resealed in pristine condition. We extend the life of your wood floors and make the shine like new again. Superior Plus uses commercial grade cleaning products to remove oil, dust, dirt and other flooring contaminants that lead to damage and costly repairs.

Wood Floor Cleaning Process

Profession wood floor cleaning is done by following a tried and true system.  We start by removing all debris and dirt from the floors you’re having cleaned. This makes it so your floors are ready for our professional wood floor cleaning equipment.

Step 1. Floor Scrubbing

Then we remove the ground in dirt by scrubbing it with our professional cleaning equipment.  We remove all of the cleaning products with squeegees to make sure your wood flooring is dry again.  This process removes the ground in dirt and debris that can get trapped between the boards.

Step 2. Hand Cleaning

Wood flooring is an investment and when we are hired to professional clean them we hand clean the hard to reach areas like against baseboards and corners.  The dirt is in the details and we find every nook and cranny to get 100% clean flooring.  Any debris or dirt that wasn’t removed by the scrubbing is caught in this step

Step 3. Top Coat Sealing Application

Wood is naturally absorbent and needs to be protected by quality top coats.  Before we seal your wood floor back up we ensure there is no residue or debris left.  The satin or gloss top coat you choose will seal up the floors to protect them and remove any need for sanding.

Step 4. Final Inspection

The last step in the your professional wood floor cleaning service is to inspect the floor to make sure every spot is clean and sealed correctly.  Complete satisfaction is our goal and we strive to make every floor we clean perfect for our customers.

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If you would like to receive a free quote wood floor cleaning services in Phoenix, Scottsdale or Tempe, give Superior Plus a call today at 480-835-6526


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Superior Plus has been delivering the highest quality wood floor cleaning to residents of Arizona for decades.